Friday, 10 February 2012

A Graduation Treat

Yesterday my Mum graduated from the School of Humanities with a Degree of Master of Arts in
Histories and Cultures

Which makes it official, she is GrandMA

There was much chatter over the phone about what to wear on the day and after the decision was made there was a concern that she might look like Angular Merkel at a cocktail party.

I think not.

We met her at the venue and when we arrived, she had to be there at some time really early, my heart quickened because she looked so beautiful.

Now I don't want her to take this the wrong way but she was like some Japanese wrapping, or a Liberty Christmas decoration like an Anthropologie toy solider and I wanted to see the gold cord on top of her mortar board so I could hang her up and marvel at all the magical jewels and embroidery.

I always favour structure in garments, I am too wobbly for fluid clothes so love the winter when you can layer and almost hold your posture in armor.
My mum looked great.

Not to be nasty because I am not up on popular culture but every girl with long brown hair, and there were a lot of them, had too much black eyeliner on and were dressed like the Duchess of Cambridge.
Whats that all about?

When we were waiting in the reception area I looked toward the door and Nick Cave walked in with his super model Susie Bick although I only saw the back of her.

He was being honored.

How cool is that?

The host basically read his CV, which is staggering, and there was cheer at his listed place in the
The Best dressed Men in the World.

See, a formfitting dress code.

He had to address the graduates but I would say entertainingly winging it would be closer to the mark.

The ticket entitled you to a champagne reception afterward and anyone who knows me will tell you that I rarely drink.
I've had my moments and I love that warm fuzzy feeling and like to keep it going but end up feeling much sicker quicker than is worth it so don't and anyway who wants to be p***** and in charge of children which is what would have happened when I got home so quit whilst I was ahead.

I toasted the Graduate and felt tipsy for about 15 minutes around midday and that was fabulous

Me and my MA

Taxi home and we all at some point had a nap on the sofa

Congratulations Mum and thank you for a lovely morning


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  1. thankyou for being there and for all your support in the last two years while I, infected wih archive fever, bored you with with public history, memory theories, cultural identity and the intimacies and scandals of Victorian military society. You are my very wonderful daughter who has made me a happy GrandMA