Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Saturday in Seaford

So one of my favourite places for a quick indulgence is a small place called Seaford. It's got lots of residences but a small high street and some nooks and crannies to visit.
For one reason or another I have been planning a visit for a little over a year and not managed to get near the place and in fact the trip planned for this weekend was in jeopardy as G had to pop to a family event and it looked like it was to be again cancelled, no joke for about the tenth time.

I usually go with one of my lovely followers, FMH but yesterday the joy of my congested company fell to the lap of the lovely Lucy. Shall we call her L!

But my lovely friend and I squeezed in a quickie and I was home by one o'clock. 
Here's what we bought.

T is doing all things frozen this term and this has great pics
This photos is a map! A years stores can't fit inside a 6 man shed. You need to know where to dig for stuff in the snow. IMAGINE!
Is that an AGA?!
The OXFORD BOOK of CAROLS - Mrs Atherem owned this in 1961
It seems I collect these dolls it might not be PC but I am getting them all out at Christmas for a gathering
It's a double flat sheet - Could be a tent carpet or dresses for the ladies in the family

Half way down the high street I said to L that we needed to pop into THAT chemist, did I need cold and flu stuff she said.
OOOH!! and the rest. I don't know the name of this place but it has everything.

So much to look at!
It was so nice to drive through really frosty countryside and take a break from my brain and hang out with an adult who wears nice stuff and doesn't talk about Mamma Mia.
I had the girls last night Whilst G was a way. I am not the biggest ABBA fan but Truly wants me to make Mamma Mia (she's never seen it but has heard it) with microphones - no leads though so it is easier to dance. My head.

And today we took a brisk walk to the shops

EASTER is on it's way!

I'm such a bad mother.



  1. My parents still have the duvet cover and pillows to match that flat sheet and I have the same but in blue and green tones! LOVE IT, yes, yes make it into dresses for the girls and make them matching headscarves too - like in the Sound of Music! My children are Mamma Mia mad too - never seen the film but they are always dancing round the front room to it at full volume! Maybe have to have a performance from all kiddiwinks when you come for lunch!

    You've also made me see Seaford in a new light - not quite the adjectives I would have used, as I remember it when I was teaching there. But they do have some great charity shops...

  2. Loving the dolls - will they all be displayed next Christmas?! Hang on - let me take that back - we can't already be talking about NEXT Christmas! xx