Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Thyroid Ultrasound

As you know I got a goiter in the Autumn and so was referred through the thyroid system.
The consultant said that he felt it was lovely and smooth and hopefully nice and lumpy and void of a big lump.

Today the Radiologist Dr. confirmed all this but also that there is a big lump on the bottom right about 1:5cm and he stuck a needle in it to see if it was a horror and that info is in the lab and will be back in about 2 weeks and I will be able to get the results in the appointment that I have already booked with the  consultant who will see me in nearly three weeks as he is away.

The Dr. Radiologist also said that he was 99% sure that all was fine but belts and braces were in order just to make sure but a few years ago he would have sent me away and told me not to worry.

Appointment is last days of January at 08:55

I also got a parking ticket, on other days I would have thought the ticket worse but I wanted a space to get my slot at x ray.
I wish I had parked right outside the front door and got the ticket there instead of a half mile away.

Next time

These pics are from over the holidays I just noticed that G has uploaded his phone

FC delivered a Dr's bag for P at Christmas

Oh My! the apple dislodged it.

You want your mama to hold you tight when the first tooth comes out

G and T got planes in their stockings

Off to get the cat in and off to bed.
Still got stuffy cold hoping some sleep might help it go away but not sure what the quality of it will be like.


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  1. Sending you much love and big hugs as I know you will be worry ridden until you get the 'all clear'. Sounds positive, so that's good, but quite understand you want to hear everything is well. Will be watching this space. Lots of love Honeybunch. xx