Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year - and we are off!

I spent a lot of time thinking about New Year resolutions and which ones should I choose.

These are some of them

make more money
write more letters
be happy everyday
be organised
make a list of places to walk to with the family
get the beautiful Miranda Hart to go out with my friend Greg
buy nearly nothing all year
use up everything in the house

What a tall order!!

To be honest I have only ever had one success with a resolution and that was when I decided not to say anything nasty to anyone about anyone for a whole year. That was the year before last. 
Late in the year I had been horrid about someone I only knew on sight to a friend. That someone suspected so but blamed my friend for being evil and not me.
I felt terrible and knew that I couldn't make amends in that situation so decided that a lesson had to be leaned and so I watched my mouth for a whole year (I might have slipped up once or twice and winced) but on the whole there is a marked improvement especially as I have a long memory when it comes to these things.

That year I realised that for me one really good resolution is the best way to go but I want/need to achieve more this year so have decided from reading around the blogs that doing smaller challenges might be more effective.

So January is to de clutter, organise and flog it all.
The kitchen is done and it looks like we are just about to move out. The spare room looks like we've not unpacked from moving in.

February is the make more money one, who knows how that will go.

This is whats been happening this week.

Making biscuits - I am sure eating less sugar and avoiding illness from bad diet was on the list

Bought slippers as toes were turning blue with the cold so that's buy less stuff out the window

T made us all tea

It got a lot more messy than this

T was bought a lovely paint your own tea set for Christmas

She painted a couple of saucers

and then asked me to do the rest. I think it was limitations rather than boredom that halted the process

My birthday is my new year a much better time to make decisions and resolutions so I am not going to be so hard on myself.
But tomorrow in between all the other daily crap that needs doing I'm going to strip the book shelves.

It's all less to clean freeing more time to make and live

I think it's a revolution


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