Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year - It's Gonna Be Olympic!

Well we had a lovely Christmas that went from sleepy


to mildly hysterical

This month I will write lists of what to buy, cook, make, wrap and send when mid winter hits because I still think the whole process of Christmas could be smoother.

There felt like very little stress but the ol' goitre managed to blow it's gasket on the big day and now feels like a pebble in the base of my throat so maybe I might have been feeling a little unsteady.

New Year was a house full of friends and was wonderful. A repeat of last year but with a bigger crowd  and a better cheese board.

All the Christmas decorations are down and put away in the drawer and I thought that I had just the Christmas cards to deal with but as I sit here and type I noticed that I hadn't taken down this little lot, annoyingly.

There is also a massive string of lights round the window but I might keep them there for a bit.

This is Buck Wild

He is a character in the ICE AGE films. T and I have watched the films all through my pregnancy with P and the time spent with her on the sofa whilst she used my tummy as a break water is very dear to me.
She has been coming up with alternative names for him.....why?..... not sure.

Anyway T dropped the F Bomb twice over Christmas completely unexpected. I asked her where it came from apparently Daddy is the culprit, I am secretly pleased that it is not me actually so at dinner I made sure that we all used it in various voices and then firmly shut the book on it

or so I thought

It is school tomorrow and so an exhausting trip to the swimming pool was required and then on the way home she announced
"I know!! FuckWild!! oh no mummy that too much like the word we are not using anymore.
Luck Wild would be better"

Happy New year

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