Sunday, 16 October 2011


So yesterday we went to G's Aunts 60th birthday party on the Isle of Wight.

Normally we stay with G's brother and his family but due to a 'miscommunication' and our girls and myself not being well of late we decided to do the turn around in one day.

My mum came over and looked after the girls and we drove for the 5 o'clock ferry. The plan was to have a dinner date, go to the party and then get the midnight ferry home. I was really looking forward to spending time alone with G not that I wanted to be away from the girls or be romantic AT ALL but I viewed it like a mini adventure in a nice dress with my evening specs on.

Roads were clear sun was out and we made the boat in an hour.

I have been advised that fresh air makes you feel better so we sat out side but I couldn't really feel it but the sun was nice and I was controlling a little anxiety.

I have noticed that toilet cubicles are getting smaller especially in places where you have to carry a large bag. This is not the case on this boat, loads of room.

I love these houses on the approach although I am not sure what it must be like to see a ferry pass by every 30 minutes or so. It was lovely really peaceful evening.

G somehow found out that it was bring your own bottle so that meant stopping off some where en route which was fine, there was no way he was getting through the evening without some kind of strong liquid refreshment. Luckily for me as I was beginning to feel anxiously socially strange  and heading in to control mode he also said he couldn't face dinner out so we knocked the meal idea on the head and drove off the boat.

We do what all parents do which is have our long conversations in the car when the children fall asleep and despite their absence from the trip chatted away about all things and soon enough were driving in no particular direction. Luckily you can't stay lost on the island for very long.

Soon enough some Ale was purchased from the super market and just in case we couldn't face the buffet we bought G just a BigMac in the drive thru next door.

We were early to the 'do' so pulled up the car under. Reclined the seats and had a nap!!

 Utility day eye wear and a bit of gloss

Out with my man in my new night time specs

It was actually nice to catch up with those that we have not see for a while meet a new baby, see a blossoming soon to be mum and catch up on some news but it was also super fantastic to be heading home.
G said we could leave early because we always get lost on the way to the ferry terminal and end up yelling and driving at breakneck speed. None of which happened this time.

Tea was a weird treat in what felt like beaded cups, like drinking velvet tea. Odd.

And awful cheap sweet fudge was bought because I liked the box.

There was very little moving traffic on the road and we were home in a flash.

I think that is the island done for 2011.

We also bought on the ferry two small cloth rabbits for the girls which T got last night as she was up for a glass of water as we walked through the door and we also bought two small squirrels for stocking fillers which were found in my bag as they made their way down to breakfast this morning because they have eyes like hawks aaarrrggh!

Tired today

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