Monday, 30 May 2011

A Bleak Bank Holiday

These are some pics from my dining room that I took yesterday when the weather was a bit greyer than today, there are no more piles of junk anywhere, all upstairs in another room to be sorted and distributed. There may be piles of washing later, have you seen the weather out there, no towels drying on that line today my beloved racks will have to bear the weight.

Its half term next week and I have nothing planned for the girls I wonder if our local stuffed animal museum can cope with a visit from the preschooler and the toddler. I will think on it hard tonight and try and think of something great to occupy their tiny hands. I had hoped for a quick trip out to the shops I will go to Boots for ovulations sticks rather than Primark for ratan beach mats.

I am making something with left over chicken whilst typing this. Somehow this week I own a tub of garlic cream cheese so I am just waiting to see if those silly recipe idea ads on the tele are up to much cop.

Truly has discovered the joke and keeps asking Why did the cucumber cross the road? and variations on this theme and Why is the hens in the tree? then she asks you to tell her a joke back. If you deviate from this theme she says no, there is only one joke. Although she did answer to What did the cat say when he lost all his money? The shop took it.

I think I might be glum?
But, welcome follower Number 6!!


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