Thursday, 19 May 2011

This Last Weekend

So this Sunday gone was uncle G's Birthday, he was 30 again.
We went to his house for the BBQ family get together they live in Dartford we always get lost despite their house being close to the M25 turn off.
We ended up yelling at each other because I CAN'T read the map/satnav when traveling at 70mph.

We were always going to be late and we were by a couple of hours.

Traveling by foot I always arrive on time, get in a car, time goes out the window.

Who thought a bikini was a good idea for a baby?
Really, what are they?

Recently the uncles bought a hot tub, apparently it was there in the garden center on offer right there in front of them so they couldn't resist (spa membership would have been cheaper!) and have been having all sorts of fun parties with it along with the good weather and they couldn't wait for us to try it.

They kept the temperature sensible for the girls, apparently it can be dangerous for little ones. It has the bubble bit too, I don't have good pics of that but it is amazing and everyone seemed to love it. I didn't go in, with my wound site I thought it would be inappropriate, I'd feel funny if I saw someone get in a pool with whats on my ankle........just as bloody well too..........

This is the lid to the tub, good for jumping on
The leopard and the zebra

........because some of the guests enjoyed it so much and stayed in a bit too much that they got something called Hot Tub Rash and its not very nice!

Tomorrow if you are squeamish don''t read because I think I might tell all about my plates and pins with pictures, some of G's friends are calling me Ironside, I could never be offended it's too funny.

Four loads of washing done today, gotta love the weather!

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