Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hanging out and getting better

What ya yelling about now?
She's so naughty, nothing can stay in its box, nothing can stay on the shelf and nothing is out of reach for her. My tooth brush is in an empty beer bottle and there isn't one pair of cheap sunglasses that still has both their arms.

Make believe with the crayons
This is what I thought it would be like, mama dressmaking whilst little one sat and played quietly at the table.
It is sometimes like this but only when the baby in the cute dress is sparco on the sofa.

T has not been well, early Sunday morning she came to me crying because her feet hurt, I did what all good parents do, pulled her in under the covers and gave her a big cuddle before falling straight back to sleep ignoring the issue. Half hour later under perfect light we could see that she did in fact have sore red swollen feet and now hands, temperature too.
Poor thing. All the medicine required was given and we kept an eye on it but boy did she cry whinge moan and cause havoc to all of our ears.

Called the Dr. and up to the hozibar we went (T speak for hospital), its an allergic reaction, yeah right, on the way home she managed to throw up in the car and that seemed to clear it because she looked brighter after another bath and a cuddle up in bed.
In bed I fed her spag bol and we had some mummy time whilst watching TV.

She finally walked on the Monday just like she said she would, a follow up with the Gp was interesting they use Google images to tell you what the problem is, I am still not convinced as their diagnosis was as shakey as the out of hours service.
She is much more jolly today and I am putting it all behind me until next time when I think that we will push for a referral.

I am out of my cast!!!
More on that another time, I am not running around or anything exciting just yet.
This weekend I am going to try walking to the local shops.

Wrapping paper
New pen
Plastic tubs
An in season vegetable
Some old bit of junk shop furniture
Who knows?


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