Thursday, 12 May 2011

Where does the week go?

What a day! raged at the girls for a couple of hours and then went to Mum and baby that in our house we call gloopy glue as the group was once a craft morning but is now a regular play date in the church opposite.
This excellent play group has a policy which says that you have to watch your child and try not to let them run, scream or basically wreck the joint which I like, it means you can't go in and switch off to your child's behavior as so often the case at these weekly events.
(At least I think this is still the case, I know I sign our names when I go in and tick for a cup of tea)

I had made pasta for them before we left so they could be fed as soon as we got back home, which I will continue to do from now on because P fell head first asleep in her sauce. I then screamed some more at them through the afternoon and struggled to stay awake whilst I made chickpea burgers with herbs and lemon zest for dinner, damn the meal planner, no room for movement when your tired.

It's been a storming week of sorting through things and cleaning, ditching the dust and really being on IT. What could have happended over night because I am not kidding you, you could scoop me off the tarmac like road kill and the house looks like a bomb hit it again. How?
Dinner sits behind me on the table while I type this because I honsetly can't make it to the sink.

On a final note about being knackered, I knew my toddler had climbed up to the sink but I had removed the sharp knives so for a split second I just couldn't give stuff if the all cups got broken in her antics but as I sat on the sofa and could hear tinkling of glasses thought it best to investigate.
If you can't watch this video P is way out of her boundary emptying the shelves of wine glasses.
I am such a bad mother.
Never mind start again tomorrow.
At least shes got nice clean line dried bed linen to sleep in tonight.

Back to the disaster patties from Tuesday.

This is an excellent easy recipe for picnic etc and is easy to make if you have a clear day and a clear kitchen. Its from Bill Granger Basics - Excellent book I've cooked from it all week, so simple.

Make this turmeric dough
Stuff it with something - butternut and lentils

Make some patties
Make then look like my crochet collar scarf thing

Did I buy them at them at the Cornish Pastry Shop?!

300g plain four
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 teaspoon salt
60 ml of olive oil
1 egg yolk
125ml iced water

Put the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the wet and mix together with a fork untill the dough comes together
Knead on a lightly floured surface until it becomes elastic.
The elastic came for me when I divided the mix in to equal balls of about 12
Cover with a damp cloth and leave for an hour

Roll out each ball into about 10 cm circle/shape and stick 2 tablespoons of a mix in the middle, sausage and bean might be nice for winter, what ever your mix don't make it too wet.

Wet the edge with water, fold over and stick together with a fork
Brush with beaten egg and stick in the oven for 25 mins until crisp and golden.

These are not heavy and you don't need to be a carb lover to like them and it didn't take that long to make them or wash everything up.

Off to the sofa for a snooze
Have a nice eve CM


  1. P was very careful with those glasses though! Is she able to open wine and pour you a glass too? Mollie made me a cup of tea the other day - I had to do the pouring bit though - it is definitely the way forward!

    Re. sign in sheet - in my opinion, the tick for the cuppa is by far the most important part. To agree to be aware of your child/ren is an added bonus! Loved seeing you again and it certainly didn't seem like you had been raging at the girls for a couple of hours beforehand! Hopefully see you on Thurs x

  2. I'm thinking sweet potato and spinach would be tasty fillers for those pasties...maybe with melted cheese on top for added calories!