Saturday, 9 April 2011

More Play

Custard cream outfit
I really am not leaving the house, and not watching the TV or listening to the radio, just knitting sorting through magazines so really i have nothing to say. G keeps asking me questions about the up coming local elections, are you kidding, the last news i saw was Japan. He has given me a leaflet to read on Europe. Is it time to come back to reality?

She's picked her summer dress
We were given this donkey when I left the NHS, it was donated to one of the wards but it was a brand new children's hospital and there was no room for a ropey old nag, I took him home with thoughts of covering him in a grey paisley and adding an orange mane made from double knit but it hasn't happend. should we keep him?

T doesn't have much of an appetite for dinner but when her favorite uncle of the moment came to look after her whilst G was at a meeting in London, he has expanded her food role play and she is now also bringing me meals on a tray. I love her so much, especially her serious face.
Her uncle has some kind of magic with her, of course i don't understand it because i am an adult, he is amazing with her.

Got another busy weekend, parties, new shoes for the baby, visitors, the food shop. Hopefully finishing a wool blanket. Desperate to do the garden.

Have a good one


  1. Yes, keep the donkey and force yourself to do the make over. He'll look amazing.

  2. I always wanted a rocking horse... you have to keep him - he looks like a happy (if a little shabby) Neddy!