Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Monday - the day I've been waiting for!

P's Shoes
Super cute tiny shoes by my bed, with a toy tea cup. she loves these shoes it means getting outside.

But we have been just hanging out at home because Monday was my first day in charge of the girls on my own, but on Mothers Day my ankle didn't stay elevated all day so the good healing work i had done  was a bit undone. On Monday i managed to stick to my schedule until lunch when i fell over my toes in the kitchen and realised that i could do all the little things i had been doing last week, like hanging out the washing and putting away the toys and having a little tidy up but i couldn't do that and watch/entertain the girls at the same time. So I cried loads.
G quickly ran round with the hoover as my beautiful friend from America came to visit with her even more lovely baby boy, Papa, cried again when she got here, i always do when i see her and we all had a nice afternoon.
The following day and today, Wednesday have been healing again. Mr Hatrick my consultant had said that on Monday i might be able to start to put some weight on the foot, which i tried but my leg felt like it was on fire, so coming to terms with that.
The suns out and i just want to take the girls out, its getting me down.

Caterpillar and the cocoon
Too Lovley
Bored in the lounge
This is my least favourite game they play, its called stepping stones and no matter how i yell about my furnishings, this game repeats all the time they are bored. T was just hyper yesterday by the end of it she was just sweating.

I am just shattered
Tomorrow i will scrub the dinning room floor if it takes my last breath
Tomorrow is Thursday

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