Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mothers Day - I am so far behind.

 So for MD, I got breakfast in bed, thank you, we decided no to do me as i have had rather a lot of treats this past few weeks and focus on the grandmothers. we met mine at the Sea Lane Cafe in Goring, I think T might be travel sick and we pulled over for a bit.

Tea Anyone
My mum asked for a frothy hot chocolate and a cake, but what she actually got was tea and a bun, that's just my life she said and then proceeded to laugh when ever she picked the thing up as it was the size of her head and bound to sit in her bowel for a week

Me and my Mum
This photo of mum is like one i have of her taken 40 years ago she looks beautiful and exactly the same. She also got the most awful M&S mothers day card you have ever seen, but she said that she would keep it forever, it really was dreadful it had Winnie the Pooh on it.
Remember i can't get to the shops!

Felt a bit sick if I'm honest
You never know what to order when you are looking after children its always a disaster especially when you are all squeezed into a booth, was funny.

The rest of the afternoon was spent closer to home with G's family, a roast dinner and some catching up with the uncles which the girls loved. My ankle was aching by the time we got home and i was so tired but nice time had by all.

I do love my mum, on the way home it did make me smile seeing how many mums were in the back seats of cars being taken out for the day, i do hope it happens more than once a year.


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  1. Hold on! I bought the card and I thought it was lovely!! It was massive A4 but square and folded out to make it 3x as big. I must admit i didn't see the winnie the poo on it which is a bit shit, but the card looked cool.
    I love you Jackie even if your daughter couldn't be bothered to get you a card!! X x