Monday, 4 April 2011

Good Weekend

 So since i came back from my stay in the hospital, I have not wanted to hear too much noise, or have too many intrusions on the senses, one of these being TV, as said before i am sure i can watch the children's channel and the odd black and white, i tried to see Big Country with Gregory Peck on Saturday, was it? But i somehow increased my interest in YouTube and have watched all the
Kandee Johnson Tutorials, and am fascinated by Binosusme who's face you never see but she shows you all these Japanese inspired hairstyles that have a smart 60's feel to them.
Friday night i stumbled across Turbans and African head wraps. My head was warm for the day i am not sure how good i looked.

I'm such a nice person to do this for her so often in the day
T has been asking me all week to platt her hair, maybe 3 or 4 times a day, YouTube showed me how to do a fish tail platt, takes a little longer not sure if its worth the effort for a four year old who can't stop messing with them.

Ah! P fell asleep holding her mamas hand, so doesn't happen often.

Makka Pakka
T drew this for the first time, its the best pic of Makka Pakka i have ever seen and it makes a change to pregnant cats and princes with an umbrella.

Better weather everyday too
Regards CM

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