Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Girls Room Update

So, despite running things while i am either stuck in bed or on the sofa, G has been using every spare 5 minutes to try and finish the painting of the girls new room. We have started to move the toys in from the spare room so the we can continue to dump everything into that room because we have found it is easier to sort through carrier bags of stuff in one room than from all over the house.

T&G nicely painted. Thank you so much

Fireplace now on the wall and another shelf added. Thank you G.

So this is a sneak peep, the light was rubbish so i didn't take anymore photos, but all the painting is done except for the back of the door. We are going to line the furniture with a wrapping paper I've seen, but it may take time to pick that up from the shop, then we can choose a colour to paint those items, probably pink too but maybe we will plump for a cream or green or my personal favourite, grey.

There is still so much to do and i want it to be irresistible to them so maybe they'll sleep in there rather than coming in with me. Its quite a spacious room and really rather echoey, i still need to make curtains and buy bed linen, beds and all the other dust collecting things that little girls like.

maybe better light tomorrow
have a nice eve

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  1. I prefer the yellow, but perhaps that's beacuse i live in f***g MH and my taste has gone downhill somewhat! Love the blog x