Saturday, 16 April 2011

Super Saturday

Wool from the Martletts and bath bomb

Sleeping toddler and a new scarf
The yellow that was left over from the marathon blanket is being turned into a scarf/collar, but I have lost the hook in the last 24 hours so the scolloped edge and finish is on hold. I can't wait to sort the winter coats gloves and store them away. We have new cupboards upstairs it's going to be a treat next week if I can move around in a new cast.
G went to a meeting in London and I asked him to bring me back a treat, he bought a magazine, some crazy upmarket super cool interiors thing. He had another meeting in the same week and played it safe and bought me back a bomb from Lush. I love that if you really smell their products they can whiff of 17 year old girls on a night out, cheap hairspray, Impulse and fags, ever so slightly!

Tea is rarely enjoyed in this house, its a fight to hold onto the cup. I think its a sign that I need to drink more water.

Happy Birthday Poppy
We also went to a birthday party this afternoon, what a cool goodie bag and note the lovely handmade in the bottom right of the pic. We are all exhausted, just got to wash up the spaghetti dinner and then I think we will will be calling it a day.

Happy Birthday to my new follower, no3! hope you are having a lovely weekend, see you soon xxx

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