Monday, 18 April 2011

Cast Off Monday

So Creative
Got my mum to come over and look after the girls, whilst I went into have my cast removed, she came over at 09:30 for my 11:00 appointment which turned out to be at  1:30. Long day.

Last week Monday I let T draw on the cast, and activity that I thought she would take her time with, no she filled it with pics of cats, thunder and rain within 5 minutes of picking up the marker.

As a child you always "big up" the idea of how they take the cast off, it really is no big one just as everyone says. It tickles unbearably. Take a peak!

The fracture clinic took ages, about 3 hours, cast off, x ray, see the consultant and then another temporary boot fitting, which I can take off for baths and resting. I can't tell you how happy I am about that. But its mighty uncomfortable and I need to check myself that I don't moan too much.

For those of you concerned about how hairy the leg was going to be really it doesn't matter because the size of my scars are more of a concern, none of which you see here. I also asked when all of this was going to go away, Mr Hatrick said never, and that I would always know that I had done it.

So now it time to make it the best leg and ankle ever, vitamins and minerals and oils and exercise etc, I don't want this haunting me in old age.

Anyway, we are all shattered and I have a head ache.
I don't think that I am ready for it to be summer yet.
There are a lot of people walking around not wearing many clothes but with too much jewelery on.

Night CM

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  1. I love that photo - T concentrating on her creativity, with no hint of tongue poking out whilst P dreams away! Glad all sounds like it is mending well - here comes the time of real recovery I guess. xx

    P.S - Have also used 'T' and 'P' in case you aren't using the girls' names on here for 'safety' reasons. Hope this was the right thing to do!