Thursday, 21 April 2011

Is It Summer?

What a week, I thought I would be way ahead in the ankle and moving about department but sadly no, its all very stiff and rather painful.
The good ankle is now so sore I can't tell you, it brought me to tears last night, it's like the bad one has to get better as the good one needs a break but its not happening quickly enough and about 5 yesterday the good one said NO MORE! and I am struggling.

And feel like I am loosing a bit with all the things that make me happy, clean house, cooking for my family, taking the girls out in the sunshine.

Here are some pics from last year, as we cleaned up the garden at the end of the summer, the garden was at its fullest but now its overgrown with the death of winter and I am unable to fix it properly, the girls are desperate to get out and explore so we have done out best by putting some toys on the decking and I just have to stand back and let P eat dirt.


G tells me that in three weeks I will be able to walk, as that is what Mr Hatrick expects so I should focus on that. I shouldn't moan it is only a broken ankle that will fix and i will get better, but I am struggling with the wishes to do more, and I am extremely grateful for the love and support that I am getting. I just wish to do more.

And I am very well aware that there are more out there worse off than me



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