Saturday, 23 April 2011

Saturday in the park

So, he did the shop and bought in a picnic and we decided to get to a local park for 11:30 and we actually got there for an hour later by which time P had fallen asleep in the back of the car so we laid her out on the sheet and ate sandwiches and drank lemonade.
I like the shade now I'm older

Initial excitement
Proper summer weather in spring
First daisy chain made for them, lost in seconds
We decided to camp out far away from the children's play area so that we didn't spend our time watching them on slides and swings but could relax and play ball etc but it also meant sitting a mile away from the loos so our time was limited and so was the amount of posh lemonade that I drank.

Jumping for leaves
This grape is poison!

When they did spy the playground they got bored of our day out quite quickly but G made a valid point playgrounds are not for family days out because they are work for adults. They can go play there on a normal day. We lasted another half hour before heading for home.
Very oddly T went to bed for a couple of hours which is unlike her and she also has a bit of a heat rash will see how that unfolds, will keep her close.

My lovely friend from FMH, came to visit, we have not seen her since before Christmas, I showed her my ankle she showed me her wrist. I showed her my new shoes she showed me her trousers. We talked about soap and the dish you keep it in and I can't wait to see more things knackered and old with her when the time is right, just like old times.

Gonna get a new frame of mind tomorrow!

Off to bed despite it being desperately early

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