Thursday, 28 April 2011

Infant School Selection Pot Luck Challenge

Home Economics
Problem Solving
Circus Performance

All these pics were taken a while ago, all her development at home and generally hanging out.

Yesterday we were notified of her new infant school for this Sept, we were unsuccessful in our preference. The local school where she was to form firm friendships and bonds with all the local kids who we have not really had a chance to meet yet, is full at 550 meters and we live at 730 meters. So we have been allocated a school over 2000 meters away and if we use public transport to get there its an hour and a half journey and I am just not willing to put her through it and then expect her to do a full day in the classroom and repeat the journey home.
What were they bloody thinking!!

Can you see she is all alone in the photos.

I am devastated for her as all Easter holiday she has been asking me for play dates and we just don't know that many people. We go to a brilliant preschool, but all her chums are scattered as it is located in the city center.  It was now to be her turn to have friends for tea and have the Charlie and Lola childhood that I had hoped for.

Last night as I went to bed and thought of all the stuff that is supposed to happen

Getting the uniform and the photo outside the house
Running in the playground when its frosty
Making Christmas decorations that I keep for ever
Walking with all the other children and saying goodbye at the gate

Just have to work hard at coming up with a plan Stan.
It will be a long summer.

In the mean time, happy news.
Happy Birthday Adam, Happy Birthday Roar.
Welcome to 30!!

I also have a rash under my arms. itchy.
Who's watching the wedding tomorrow?

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