Friday, 15 April 2011

Not Happy

Here are three pics of an unhappy camper, I can't remember what it was all about but we had the same sad face at dinner this eve.
Chicken pot roast cooked by G, not her favourite meal and she had a chocolate cup cake thing that had been waiting for her all day but because she didn't eat her lunch either (egg mayonaise sandwich), she didn't get the cake.
Sad face was evident as soon as she spied the plate we all knew how it was gonna go. No tantrums she knows its her own decision.

As a child I hated the idea of stewed carrots, you know the kind, when the orange is that dirty colour, I love them now and go crazy (inside of course!), that she won't go near them much preferring an uncooked carrot stick.

What is it about feeding children, eat up or you don't get your pudding. You have to eat more to get more. No wonder we are a nation of fatties. And as adults we cook what we think is appropriate for that day, I try to remember that she might not be in the mood to eat that, just as I know I have a decision in what I fancy.

A while ago I made prawn risotto and she ate ONE bloody prawn, she did go swiftly to bed, she loves prawns, just not when they have rice wrapped around them. Lots of talk followed about how her tummy only had that one prawn in it to keep her full till morning, make her grow strong blah blah, a lot of work for one prawn to do.
Early in the morning she said she was hungry, do you know why I asked, expecting her to acknowledge she hadn't eaten much the night before, no, its because my prawn has gone she replied.

I just love her too much

Off to bed, foot feels like a balloon

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