Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Knittin Blankets

So a few years ago I started knitting a blanket, this is how it went.

Bought some sale wool from the local wool shop, it was Rowan big wool, needed to be sale, mixed it in some other chunky stuff with an idea to make the best blanket ever.

As a new knitter, started with squares that turned out to be rectangles.

Knitted them all in Moss stitch (is that how you spell it?).

Knitted enough rectangles to make a blanket big enough for a single bed or me lying on the sofa watching TV. I sewed the pieces together and didn't like it, I could feel where I had sewed it up

Undo the lot, rectangles and all, re think plan.

Learn a crochet stitch and make a blanket with the wool on a crochet hook no.4!! Yes, I now want a blanket that lets no wind through, like a rug.
For this size wool I should be using a size 10 hook.

Sure enough its a thick blanket but I don't like that I can't hide the ends and it looks just like those braided rugs from America that I love but I am still not happy.

Break leg and need a project.

What was i thinking with the yellow?
Can you see how tight the stitch is?

Undo the whole bloody lot.

Start and new blanket using the size 10 hook. The wool is a bit ropey at this point.

Decide this is the last time I'll fiddle with it, set to and get it done.

Much happier with the stitch
Like the teal boarder
Reminds me of a wall paper sample that I've kept
Finished, am I happy with it not sure, but it will go with stuff, I don't think I like stripes.

Time to finish that tank top


  1. Well, I have to say that I'm very impressed with the end result. Also amazed that you kept at it. Your colour choice is gorgeous. Just love all those chalky colours.
    A friend of mine here in NZ makes blankets and then backs them with a patchwork or those solk ladies headscarfs in coordinating colours. It works really well and hides all of these endings.
    Yes, you did spell moss stitch correctly.
    Happy blogging,
    Al x

  2. Love the colours (minus the yellow!), especially the teal, plum and grey. Well done clever lady - definitely worth the unpicking!