Tuesday, 6 September 2011

T's First Day of School

Do you remember this Infant School Selection Pot Luck Challenge

Well our plan of action over the spring/summer was to argue the school placement decision but unfortunately our argument of ARE YOU BLOODY MAD! was not grounds for appeal and we were unsuccessful. 

Basically there are a large handful of families living in our city who live just out of the catchment areas for all their closest schools and are allocated a school which can be at some distance either by foot, car or public transport. These schools have no boundaries and will therefore pick up all children that are not placed. These schools tend to be under subscribed at the first hurdle.

In my own opinion these schools struggle with their reputation because the parents are hanging on the waiting lists of the brighter schools desperate to pick up a vacancy, and I am sure that some of the families can't be bothered with participating in school life as they live at some distance away despite these schools over the last few years successfully doing everything they can to make themselves appealing.

My initial snobbery about the school that we had been allocated has been stripped down to the fundamental fact it was important to us that T went to a school that was close enough that she could see it in her daily life and have a concept of where it was. Not the hour and a half bus ride with three changes that would be required for me and P to make multiple times daily for drop offs and pick ups.
I have learned a lots this year and had this school been on our side of the city we would have accepted the place graciously.

The only option open to us as we were quick off the mark is the local prep school, independent, private what ever you want to call it. It doesn't mean that it is full of local children but it looks hopeful.

We are paying for her to attend her closest school and we are not buying a new car.

So today is the first day and its been like Christmas and the weather is to match.

School shoes - and they cost a fortune because her feet are still soft and dumpy she needs to be fitted properly they also have to be brown so you may as well double the cost but lovely.
These are very dark brown but they are brown.

Auntie Jaws came to the house and cut the wild hair she loves it. It's only the second cut that shes had.

I spent yesterday sewing in labels. My mum sewed labels in my school clothes and made the most beautiful job of it. I still remember how perfectly neat it all was. It's been a thought at the back of my mind for years that I would be able to make such great effort for my children so I just can't bring myself to use the iron on labels.
I decided to get her full name printed on the label which makes them incredible long (not quite Kennel Club length), but I feel that I have made a pigs ear of it despite G saying its fine and T being excited.

Might secretly order new labels and start all over again.

Pick up is at 3:15 is it too much to expect her to be able to tell me everything that happened. I am so excited for her.

My mum tried to bid for this little gem at the auction this morning, It's eight foot tall and six foot wide and would be perfect in our lounge but we lost out, but are decided that we would like a large commercial/industrial piece for storage so if anyone sees anything let me know.

Popped to the Dr. this morning I have a slight bronchitis problem so I am taking it easy. I have not been well this week and what my house needs now that T is away during the day is a fit and healthy home maker getting the hoover out.

I think I might just curl up when P falls asleep and watch and old black and white. It's going to take all my enthusisim to make dinner this eve and I can see a culinary disaster on the horizon!

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