Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Saturday Wedding Part 3

When we arrived at the wedding most of the guests were already there and it was in FULL swing. The tea party room that we had left on Friday eve and Saturday morning looked more like backstage at I don't know where.

You hear most brides say that the day flew by so fast and as a guest this day went at rocket speed. It could have been the amount of children there and that either one of you were following a little one in and out of the gardens but everything was a lightening pace.
Mr and Mrs must have been exhausted but are to be commended for doing so much to accommodate their guests needs including calling a halt to the proceedings at 10pm!

A good day had by all lots of chatting and laughing, I probably ate too much cake that since opened the flood gates for chocolate consumption this week.

Looking back at my photo files we appear to have been to a fare few weddings these past few years not one of them the same, aren't we lucky.

All the best for your future Mr and Mrs Havers, I am not sure when you will see this message on that useless computer of yours!


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