Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day Two of School - What the hell has happened?

I don't normally feed my girls loads of junk and they have basic tastes luckily for me. Chocolate cake is about as experimental as T gets but I wanted to spice up the lunch box so I bought a multi pack of these children's favourites and wrote off the fact that they are probably usless in the nutrition department.

This is what I got back today.

That's not all!
She's a hyperactive brat on the way home.

2 DAYS!!

The little book that I got from the mum and baby in the church group across the way said that children often behave younger, baby even because all the growing up stuff of big school is quite a lot for them to digest. Not half!
The book also says not to expect them to tell you everything that happened during the day as they are probably exhausted............not my daughter....she couldn't even if she tried!
It's like shes on an upper!

On the way home the line is.

Muuummm, will you carry me, carry me......carry me
(Lots of jumping and waving arms around in the air)
No Darling I will not carry you, you are at big school now and none of the other children are being carried home.
I don't want to go to big school anymore
Why are you behaving this way?
I am upset and I need a carry to make myself better
Look at all these other children they are all new and looking for new friends and if they see you behaving this way no one will want to be your friend
OK.........Can I have a cuddle instead?
Of course.

So after she has behaved like a child on the way home she turns crazy and is unable to sit still or hold a conversation.
Gareth said at dinner whilst she ate her spaghetti like a crazed animal

What have we done this is the worst decision we have ever made

We meet the teacher on Friday, oh my, she best be ready because I will have questions for her.

This is probably normal and if the advice from our parents is to be correct I will be carrying her home by half term as she will be too tired to move

Bless her


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