Monday, 12 September 2011

A Weeks Catch Up and a Little Film

This has been a strange week or so, it's like it's morphed into a bulge that won't budge.

School for T has been great. Safe to say duck to water and she has made it easy for me emotionally but I am still finding it odd.
My good friend tells me its getting used to a new routine.
I have made her lunch boxes for preschool and got her dressed most days for five years but there seems to be more pressure in the prep for every day, of course her uniform is clean but I just keep going over and over everything in my head.
When I was younger I never used to walk next to the edge of our pool (another story) because this invisible force appeared to pull me close to the edge and I didn't like it.
This new routine feels like that.
Could be a sign of failure

I now have a chest infection and antibiotics and I could cough for Queen and country. I feel like I have a small piece of apple just stuck at the back of my throat, Dr. says not the case. I have felt rubbish for what feels like weeks now. The anxiety that comes with it is awful and tears that occasionally flow because I am not able to perform my duty as the mother that I had hoped I would be the at this most exciting time.

Today I am feeling a lot better and brighter from inside my congested bubble.

So this weekend she wanted to tell stories. With lots more content. I think she is already bringing her school day home.

She starts her story
Once a poncer a time
How cute is that?
Then she goes on to say how the unicorn is locked away by the evil donkey but it pokes it's horn through the bars and stabs the donkey in the neck.

There is also a teaching assistant. According to T his name is Han Ham or Hand. I hope he doesn't mind that she doesn't call him Mister Han, Ham or Hand.

The other night I came upstairs for a blanket and she was still awake and sparkly and she told me how happy she was at school, it's was so good swimming and she was so excited that she could cry and she loved it so much and then she put spit tears under her eyes!

I sung her a song and told her to go to sleep, which she did whilst looking at me as if I was the best mother anyone could ask for.
I had the warm fuzzy feeling different from a temperature!


I thought that a lot more might get done this week but it didn't, but I have not done to badly, just a bit at a time with lots of rest. (I do normally have a lot more get up and go when I am sick, really!) But our book shelves need a sort especially as P like to look at them all without their dust jackets on.

I happened to find this beauty on YouTube and it such a nice little piece that I am sure even the most minimalist amongst you might give in to a little clutter.

Remarkable quality. To be watched with a cuppa I think.
Off to the kitchen for more hot blackcurrant because I am so done with honey and lemon.
My ears just popped finally.


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