Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Two Stories and a Decision

This will be her mixing drinks when she is 17 I can see it now

So this morning I noticed that in the back of her matted hair she had a yellow thing, with my morning vision I thought it was the hair tie that T had worn to school the previous day. Nope. I had woken in the night and stuffed a throat sweet in my mouth which must have dropped out when I fell asleep and when P came in to our bed in the early hours she had picked it up in her hair and that is where it stayed until cut out.

I slept through last night but woke up with what felt like a brick in my chest and the need to clear it out with steam so I popped down stairs but I noticed that I had woken up T. She followed me a few minutes later into the kitchen.

With my head in a bowl under a towel she starts.

Mummy, there is a girl at big school who walks there on her own. I think daddy should let me walk to the shops on my own and then when I am five I can walk to big school.
I am not sure if your father will go for that and I am not sure if I like the idea either.
Why not?
It's because you are beautiful and someone might see you and want to keep you.
Crossing her face with her hand she followed this with
Maybe we need to take some of my beautiful away
But you are lovely on the inside too so there might be a problem
I know mummy! you put your mouth in my mouth and breath out some of my luvness and it will make your cough better and then I can walk to the shop on my own and daddy will be happy.


So the decision I made was never to read The Mail online again. I secretly check it a couple of times a day, I think G is the only one who knows I do this. The showbizzy stuff, the really shallow stuff with super good pictures. I look at about 50% of it. I know that its stupid but I don't buy gossip magazines anymore for really good reasons so why do I look at this and I'd never buy this paper so why the addiction and it really is an addiction for some reason but admitting to it is half the battle I hear

So I decided that when David Walliams finally made his way into London for Sport Relief then that would be it. No more. So it is done.

Beautiful weather out there again

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