Thursday, 22 September 2011

Where Have I Been?

I suppose I should have read my last entries to see where I was last time I posted but actually I believe it was going ON and ON about my health. Although not really because I am anxious about talking about it too much because I worry that If I am REALLY ill then no one will know that story.

But just to say that I just talked to a lady who I know of who works in our local wool shop and she has had the same chest infection and been just as fatigued and my spirits are lifted because I am not the only one. I didn't want to post too much about being ill because it's got to be depressing to read especially when its really not that serious it's just that in the past I have had no ailment that lasted more than a working week so I am extremely lucky.

So two sets of antibiotic on, a skin reaction and a trip to A&E plus a two hour nap with the toddler every lunch I think I might be coming round the other side and here are my comforting tips for anyone coming down with a nasty chest cold.

Steam inhalations - just water no eucalyptus - 4 times a day and in the night if necessary
Drink these in any combination - Hot Water Ribeana, honey, lemon, ginger.
Wear a scarf no matter how sunny it is outside.
See the doctor on Thursday or Friday if you think you might be in for a rough weekend
Cough sweets - Glycerin Fruit for at night - Anesthetic and antibacterial for leaving the house
Manuka Honey last thing at night
Thermos mug filled with lemon and honey for waking in the night
Pain killers - but go easy I felt like I had just had too many by the end of the week
Fresh Air - Lots of it

and for loss of appetite and general well being Jewish Penicillin

Here is the best recipe

Chicken Fowl for boiling is best but otherwise use normal chicken. It just goes a bit tougher.
I used boned and skinned thighs as only wanted to make a small amount
Peel and chunky chop up a carrot and a parsnip and peel a whole onion, don't chop it up.
I did this
All in a saucepan cover with water
I used the biggest family pan for the smallest amount of meat
I added too much water which became apparent later on
Bring to the boil and cover. Simmer until chicken is cooked and veggies are tender 40 mins to 1 hour
or cook it in a pressure cooker.

When cooked remove the onion - if you leave it in the soup will "go off' quicker
I got so excited at this part having never removed an onion from anything before
Skim the fat and rubbish off the top of the clear soup
Season with salt and pepper serve with or without veggies
Can also be served with noodles
I bought these they go A LONG WAY and everywhere!

You can chill it and reheat 2-3 times

The lady that gave me this recipe offered to make it for me and bring it over with Matzo Balls!.
She is about to have a baby and is still working in a position that is so valuable in our community and looking after her own family and I can't thank her enough along with every one else that gave to my list of comforts and found five minutes to send words of encouragement as I panicked and whinged.

Here is a pic of P who as well as her sister also has chesty coughs. Spending the morning getting tired and lunch sleeping it off.

It's dinner time so off to make the magic happen.
Stepped in the shower yesterday, brain is on the shake again,  we all know that you start at the top and work your way down but I started washing my body first and then cleaned my face with shampoo.

Oh dear

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