Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This Week at the Homestead

Just as I was getting poorly I got my hair cut with a view to dying it.

I thought that I might like this shape

But was worried that that it might look more like this after a week

Actually it is somewhere in between and I really liked it

Four weeks on it's more like Michael Portilo, not showing pictures of that.

There is still no colour on it and actually it needs another cut but I still haven't got my head round booking your next appointment when you leave your current one. This is my policy for the dentist I am not sure why I can't transfer the data from teeth to hair as it is a successful system and I am sure would make me feel more pretty more often.

A little bit of insider information is that I have the biggest crush on Martin Whitmarsh.
He is the Team Principle for the McLaren Racing Team. Interviews with him can be the highlight of my F1 weekend.
There are lots of reasons to love this racing season mostly it seems that everyone is really nice,
Jake Humphrey and team do a fantastic job in their coverage and everyone seems to get on and from my arm chair their seems to be zero sleaze unlike other sports.

Martin is the one in the shirt and he says FANTASTIC a lot

One of the reasons that I am a supporter of McLaren is that our friend GW is an engineer working on Ron Dennis's new super expensive motor, I can't remember which bit he is working on, might be exterior, it doesn't matter because he is amazing friend and they are very lucky to have him.

Occasionally GW will say stuff like "saw MW in the canteen today" or "MW held the door open for me today, very nice man" he knows it's a nice little uplift in my day.

This is the funniest text message banter that we had of late, I am not sure if you will find it funny but I think it's wonderful. You might want to Google McLaren HQ for a clearer picture.

Sat next to Martin Whitmarsh at lunch again.
He had a salad and a beetroot smoothie and 
was wearing a reasonable plain white faced watch.

You can get a beetroot
smoothie at work!?

This is middle class Surrey. 
It's a miracle we don't have a stable built on the 
side of the building! Hows you? x

Ages ago I bought this castle from the car boot with the intention of saving it for a joint Christmas present but small beadie eyes clocked it the other day and it's cover is blown.

Who lives in a house like this?

G said that the girls wouldn't like playing with it as it is old and sun damaged how wrong he is. They love it and are going to kill each other trying to get the best out of it so we can safety say by the weekend I might have given it away or become the worst shouting mother in the country.

T made me stickle brick glasses, they are not as secure as they look.
The change in weather has flummoxed me and despite knowing it was coming and I had a fashion disaster at the school gate today. The mums collected their children in beautiful summer prints and leather sandals all with glowing skin. I am feeling a lot better and not so much under a rain cloud but I was dressed for thunder today and I am clearly still far behind in the self maintenance department.

We have been given a last chance with the weather I am planning to take the girls and G to the beach for a dinner down by the waters edge and P and I have a playdate in the park collecting conkers which will feel strange in the baking heat.

Have a nice night CM

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