Sunday, 3 January 2016

Winter 2015

These are the photos that show September to December.

Halloween, they went trick or treating for the first time and came back with a bucket of bounty. A boy grabbed some sweets back and T didn't cope with the injustice. We dealt with it and I have heard no more from her on the subject. P was happy to dance in the streets.
One lady opened the door whilst talking on the phone she just held the bucket out and didn't even turn her head to see who was there. I told the girls to come away without taking anything.

I buy this wreath for autumn and it is still up in New Year. Bargain.
P goes for it at a gymnastics party, other children are cautious.

Christmas is on the way!

I head off to a wedding with best friends from the school run and decide to always present butter in this way.
A very blustery walk on Worthing pier with oldest friend.

P talks to Dad.
T buys real make up with her birthday money.

Pretty shop displays so feel the need to colour co ordinate everything.
P still creeps up into our bed and I have the worst night sleep on record.

G and G go to London for a McLaren Christmas do, miss the train back through no fault of their own and wander the streets before getting a train at 4am. Ha!

Very good disguise from P and out late at night after piano drinking hot chocolate.

I scrubb the garden and clear away in preparation for a Christmas trampoline.

We go to a wedding just before Christmas. T and I take sensible photos I am alarmed that she looks fifteen.

T manages to stay awake till 9pm but it is a fight, our room is over the dance floor so it is sleep mask and noise cancelling headphones. As it is P's birthday she is all out for a party just after midnight she is done. I tell her to head to the room whilst I grab the key, I get to the top of the stairs less than 20 seconds later and have to lift her off the floor and into bed.

2015 done!

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