Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy 9th Birthday T.


Normally I would get pictures from the year, but today it is photos from the celebration.
P makes extra special effort with a skull themed card and is rewarded with hugs.
Fortune telling fish from the IOM

P always buy T a pear for her birthday, this year she bought her a multi pack of FAB ice lollies too.

Fake glasses just what you want when you have beyond perfect vision.

The Mexican and the Lion Man gave slides for the microscope a real winner.

A big breakfast and cake is cooked for the whole family who come to visit and in the afternoon we go and paint pots.

So many presents!
It's a long day for G!

T, growing up so much. Daft as ever. Full of love just cannot get enough of you.
xxxx Mum xx


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