Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy 6th Birthday P.

One of the problems of being 6 before Christmas is that next year you will be 7 and next year is only round the corner.

We get the party out the way the week before the big day.
I couldn't have cocked a cake up more.

More presents!
Did someone buy her lipstick?

On P's birthday this year we are invited to a wedding, so it is a very good idea to start this birthday really early in the morning. Presents and breakfast and then we head off to the hotel where we will be staying.

It is a great day, the hotel is there to be explored and we know everyone so it is a chance for the girls to play and us to chat, hurrah!

For P as soon as that disco starts she is on it.

P finally flakes just after midnight.

 The following day we swing by the uncles who give her disco lights so she can carry the party on at home when ever she likes.

P now you are 6. You have been amazing this year, so sensitive and full of love. Thank you for your cuddles. I cannot wait to see you grow into 7.

much love mum xxxx


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