Saturday, 2 January 2016


Staithes is where T wants to live when she is older. There is a show on children's TV that she has never watched called Old Jacks Boat but has has seen it and her mind is made up.
I thought it was down Cornwall somewhere but nope, a fishing village in the North East.

Whilst we are in the neck of the woods we stick it on the itinerary and drive over an hour and a half to see it.

You park at the top of the hill and wander down the hill into the village.

Half way down the hill we take a fork in the road!

Harbor side first.
G and the girls go over the rocks, I stand at the shore and wait for them, the sun and wind is glorious and the tide is coming in.
P falls over on the slope

She takes a deep breath and T takes her off to explore, I love this photo as they are very much together but close up you can see P is holding back the tears because the fall stung a bit too much.

Then over to the beach.

 Which pongs somewhat.

Staithes only feel about one hundred meters in any direction, I think there are three places to have lunch we plump for the pub and luckily get a table off the bat, which is lucky because it seems that lots of other people are fans of Bernard Cribbins.

The girls have staring competitions and eat toasted sandwiches. I finally taste decent scampi from Whitby, it tastes great I have no need to eat it again unless in the North East.

If T lived in Staithes she would probably live in a house like this or one even smaller, it would be all she would need and she could paint and craft which at this point she wants to do. Makes me cry to think about her moving more that 20 feet away from me.

The plan was to drive back to Cambridge, stay overnight and then head further south, but we were ready for our own beds so headed happily all the way back, 5 hours in the car and not one complaint from the children.

We are very lucky.


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