Saturday, 2 January 2016

Angel of the North and Beamish.

Your drive to Angel of the North and there she is just poking her head over the trees.
I thought she would be taller, but she is defo a Newcastle lass.

I am so very very happy again.

Then we head to Beamish It is a working museum.

My girls have no real concept of time so days of old pretty much goe over their little heads but they have a great day.

The sweets were made on site, pumpkin flavour.
The fish and chips are cooked coal fired!
check out the paper shelf liners.

Run off those fish and chips, cooked in beef dripping, I wouldn't normally eat that but it's not like you often get the chance so you have to.
The lounge in this house is a replica, made measure from the Hall that we are staying in, the one with the mice and no hoover.

 Brilliant day out!


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