Saturday, 2 January 2016

Isle Of Man

Have you ever been??
It's stunning. Lots of pictures to see, will they fit?

We went to see friends, known to this blog as IOM. I think it is October half term.
We stayed with them, Father Mother and two girls similar ages to ours, yes they are the family that come here to Sussex and stay with their family and then we all hang out together in the summer.

Go by plane not by boat.
Got a bit teary when I saw Mother IOM at the airport, it was a bit special.

This is Fenella Beach, with the winds this week it wasn't so tranquil.

Ah, there is a happy family.
The girls went on a horse riding birthday treat together, on a proper horses,

not donkeys.
Lovely house FHM?
This beach is in the very north of the Island and all the stones are flat and smooth. There was also a seal swimming that enjoyed playing hide and seek with us.

Windy very windy.
It was also 17th October 2016 and I took this picture for FHM, my face. Because I love her so very much.

These photos from inside the Museum at Douglas. It's great, a proper town I could probably spend a day in here without the kids, it's a place for craft inspiration.

At the end of the day we drove here and ate chips cheese and gravy.  Although I was not in the shop apparently the chips go into the paper and are flooded with gravy then on top goes the cheese and they are wrapped up and then when you open them that's when the magic happens. I can't show you a photo, it doesn't do it justice, It is amazing.

We watched Strictly this year and voted!

Then it is time to go up.
You take the tram at Laxey up to the summit. Hanging out here feels like you are in a 50's style crimbo movie in rural America waiting to go chop a tree and buy jam.
A bit beyond cool.


I am going to drink tea at the top.

A trip to fairy glen!

Then south to Castletown. All the IOM girls were in school so we were on tour with Father IOM.

 Nice stools FHM two each, you can have the basket.

Then to the beach for tea. I think this is called the Calf? More seals to be seen here.

I'd recognise that body anywhere, little brave heart.
Then we  drove down a lane, it looks like Skyfall and there is the most beautiful beach but I'd need a wet suit to go in.
The girls were shown how to collect and skim stones, although P really chucked them in.

This was October and the weather was mild, apparently it's iffy most of the time, but in my head when we go back next year it will blistering.

Thank you for having us it was perfect.


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