Saturday, 2 January 2016

Back to School.

From September are the dates on these photos

The early starts and the making of two lunches everyday is very hard on oneself after the long summer days.

I am not usually a fan of cartons in lunch boxes and certainly not bottles of water soit could be that this was a trip day.

T nagged for a crochet tutorial and P has a new year 1 teacher who we love and is enthusiastic for the homework as soon as she gets it. As soon as they get home they change into pj's which is less washing for me.

T attends a karaoke and sleep over party and I take P off to Pizza Hut. It's an off day for me, anxiety? a virus? I cannot put my finger on it but I get new lenses in my glasses at the same time and it takes a week to get used to them etc. anyway I have a Pizza Hut story but I am still desperately updating this blog so now is not the time but I love these photos.

In the party bag is a face pack?
T is adamant to try, she is under the impression that is will peel off her face, she basically doesn't move a muscle for 10 minutes and then her hopes are dashed when she is still picking it off half an hour later telling me she doesn't like the burn...............never using one again!

I have a mooch round M&S and as the kids are in school decide to see what all the fuss is about and have a full lunch.
Like the face mask it isn't what it looks like, but I did it.

I buy that fantastic glass pumpkin for Halloween and take the last of the Christmas mince meat and make one giant pie.

My Braderie de Lille bag finally gives out and I buy a hobo tote? which I justify by getting in sale and on a friends discount, it proves too big for the school run so I buy a full price cross body leather which is then too small to fit my crap in so I purchase this gold card holder, but where do the coins go, oh what a faff!

 P looses her first tooth. Beyond cute! No tears.

Loving Autumn and ready for winter.


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