Friday, 1 January 2016

Last Days of Summer 2015

Our friends from Australia come and stay with us for a week, when they arrive we start yacking before we have even said hello. 
Despite amazing technology staying in touch over time zones is really difficult and I am teary when they leave. They are just the most fun.

We sadly miss the 'Girls' wedding because we have already RSVP'd a family wedding the same weekend. The girls live downstairs and the excitement leading up to their day has me dizzy.

Sadly at our event I throw our heavy car keys and they hit T in the face who quietly is unforgiving.

The girls give our girls the balloons from their day and T is happy again.

The weather is iffy again through Sept but we have a couple of good weekends for the Wood Fayre. We go with my family, the Mexican, the Lion Man and Big G. all of who are here without permission.

This year there was mud. T and P learn that not all fair rides are for them.

There is that outdoor stove again, this is the third year I've taken it's picture, love it.

I think it really is the last day of summer.

Oh and just as school start, the very day, P decided a fringe is what is required.

Why oh why?!


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