Saturday, 2 January 2016


Still in the October half term, the girls got two weeks this year we headed to Durham to see my family we stopped at Chatsworth on the way up and Staithes on the way back.

Travel Lodge!

This is in Nottingham, then you drive up to Derbyshire.
Not going to over load with too many photos, I took lots but still trying to upload tales till New Year.

Chatsworth It's breath taking, but the inspirational thing for me is the cleanliness, there is no dust behind those rocks, makes me want to come home and hoover.

It is windy the day we are there and the front lawn fountain isn't turned up to full along with everything it is still amazing.

Love a snow scene.

T will play the piano, although the pianist will tell her they don't allow Chopsticks at Chatsworth, I roll my eye, she will play, get a round of applause and he will apologise. P will read.

Stunning lion.
Outside there is everything I want to see.

Can you see the gold windows?
For me, there is no reason to be up in this part of the world and not visit the House and gardens.
It is beautiful up North.


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