Sunday, 27 December 2015

Lazarote Landscapes

The hotel is clean and comfortable.
I forget about the PA system by the pool and the music they play but the lady twirling in this outfit makes me smile.

We also get a balcony but apart from drying costumes and P's inflatable collection we don't bother with it.

I find these tiles and agree with another lady that they are probably a bugger to clean.

Out and about it is breath taking and a hire car would have been great just to go see some of the stuff in the distance. Some of these photos are from the coach some of them are from on foot, luckily my girls like to walk and I love a bit of scrub land.

Now you can go book a ride on a camel, we went past this attraction and I am glad it didn't happen because it all looked ridiculous. But see this photo above, what looks like green tents just below the horizon, camels out for a stroll, we were on a coach, had we not been we would have accidentally bumped into them.

There isn't a lot to do in Lanzo so we did a bit wandering about. Girls like to be together doing stuff.

 Aah, there looks a happy couple.


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