Sunday, 27 December 2015

Lazarote By the Pool and On The Beach.

To say it was windy is an understatement. It was annoying and there was no getting away from it, the first couple of days G seemed to take is personally and would occasionally turn to look as said wind and give it the most offended look. Ha!

And don't judge me, I slathered the girls with sunblock and they still burned past an acceptable level.

I am glad I packed cashmere cardi at the last minute, mainly for the plane but actually had it everyday by the pool.

Despite P now being able to swim she prefers extra protection. Sensible.

The pool was icy cold and this holiday more time was spent out of it rather than in. There was a kids section and toward the end of the week they spent a lot of time there.

P took a couple tumbles and I love how the life guards just patched her up without worrying about informing me, do I do iodine?
I could hear the howling from where I was sitting so if I missed I could certainly hear it.

The beach was family friendly not over crowded, Playa Blanca, maybe it's busier later in the season.
Really really cold.

Lovely white shells to collect and warm warm sand to get in your hair.
Could do with some of that today, very grey out there.


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