Sunday, 27 December 2015

Home from Lanzarote.

Ice creams are always eaten, this time we were wrapped up in hoodies and jumpers.

We were asked to drink bottle water that could be purchased from the shop that was reached from the back gate. Before we left P had candy floss hair, a week of uber minerals in the pipeline, P's hair is smooth as silk. Don't know if I am happy or sad.

She is made up because she endured the kids club a couple of times to get a certificate, T is too cool for school and doesn't want to do the after dinner disco anymore.
G and the girls also like miniature golf.

What we all did whilst we were away was slept. This is not usual behaviour for the females of the family.

Before too long we were back on the plane.

My memory is not great, I am not sure this was a relaxing break more a period of windy limbo, always great to be together and I love my family with every heart beat.

It's a strange island, it could be so cool, like Reykjavik.
For instance there is what seems to be a nunnery in the middle of the island which is basically a couple of sheds and some goats, the Mexican trains for her triathlons there, and there are roads that wind between mountains and some of the beaches really are black. Then you go to a market and its full of toot sold by some expat hippy lady who seems to be surviving on the odd Euro and white wine.
Unless you are living the life where you are driving a jeep that has a gun in the glove comaprtment I am not sure its the place for me.

Pleased to be home safe.

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