Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Groombridge Place.

The nurse has been here with her family and said that it was great for kids so along we went one day.
Hello Groombridge Place

If memory serves me right, its barn with good lunch quality and prices, activities for children, canal trip and activity play woods for everyone.

This season the gardens were planted with white. Very nice.

P looks so young.
Once in this walk way you have to go to the end unless you are fit enough to jump over, that might not be true but it is as I remember.
Then we wandered back to the house.

Then we wandered round to see it!!
My dream house!
There is was.

 Any guesses?

Is this the lake?
Still lovely even if it didn't evoke long lazy summer days, more brisk British Summer.

There you go just like in the movie

although less washing out and no livestock.


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