Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Coming to the End of Spring 2015

These are just photos on the computer that don't really mean much to anyone but me they just put keep the days together.
Not to much blossom where we are but just sometimes you are lucky enough to find some on the ground.

Bluebell woods on the other hand have to be driven to.

I went a walking with two very good friends and their little girls. My two were in school it was great!!

Tried to teach P to ride her bike that she had got for her birthday in Dec 2014, the training wheel make things very very slow. She is not happy with the process and actually a year on we are no closer to achieving this skill. In fact she has told me she has no interest in pursuing with the bicycle, she prefers her scooter.

So she just played instead.

Looking back at photos, it looks like I want plaits but settle for head wraps instead as I just can't braid anything and T continues to pull off a WHO impression.

Whilst P is ever more alternative.

I am sure there will be many more posts like these, entries with nothing much to say, which proves a point that I need to update this blog or I will have thousands of photos and no recollection of why I took them in the fist place.


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