Sunday, 23 November 2014

Durlston Country Park

On the Friday of our trip to Dorset we went here
Our friends from BOMO had arrived the eve before and were going to join us over the weekend, they had come here as children and so we made it a day out.
The park is situated in the far east corner of the Isle of Purbeck.

With the right weather this place is nature personified. It was hot and balmy and you could hear the bugs in the grasses.
Honestly it was like being dropped in the the BBC adaptation of Gerald Durrell's,
My Family and Other Animals.

When you walk down from the carpark and the sun shines this is what it looks like.

Inside the castle is a restaurant and a visitor center for bugs and butterflies and stuff.
We stopped for lunch out on the terrace which on this day was Mediterranean and reasonably priced.
Have you ever had a triple cooked chip before? Really rather incredible.

there is a choice of walks we decided to take the coastal path that leads you to the light house.
If I was 5 stone lighter and in a tea dress I could have been Keira Knightly in a 1940's film.

Sadly we didn't make it to the light house, the path way drops right down just past where I am standing to where T is standing in the photo. We had a beautiful baby boy in a buggy with us and he was not coping at all with the heat, the scramble up the cliff face would probably push it and we needed to get him into the shade, preferably the cool of the beach.

We headed back to Shell Bay where T was finally triumphant in finding a hermit crab. I am surprised she hadn't required an antibiotic she had been below water since Saturday.

P finally wrapped a towel round herself and I was quick enough to take a picture. Again we had some great family and friends moments but I don't think its right to post their photos here.

My hair was getting more 'beachy' and I think it was getting more sad because we were going to be heading home tomorrow.


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