Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Swanage Railway and Corfe Castle

Still in Dorset and what was proving to be an excellent stay-cation, is that what they call it, we headed to Swanage Railway to take the steam train to Corfe Castle

I spoke to the girl in the shop, I asked her how you get out of Swanage, did everyone go by steam? It's quite expensive and this is the train station. She chuckled and said that everyone gets the bus.

The train station where I grew up used to have an open fire in the waiting room in winter and I remember these seat coverings and the old slam shut doors.

We went to Corfe Castle the year before and the family seemed happy to go back so here we go.

I have no idea how the thing is still standing and I love the lack of hand rails.

We stopped for lunch and bought sweets at the shop and then headed back.
Then this really was the hottest day of the year. I sat inside the shelter on the platform quietly waiting, wishing for the train. 

Despite our happy faces the train stopped on the way back and I think I panicked a bit and then felt really faint from the heat just wanted off.

So happy to see this view of Swanage Beach within five minutes of pulling into the station.
That is P slap bang in the middle if you squint you can make her blonde out.

I took so many great photos of the girls here, I'd blow them up 6ft tall and hang them in the house, but P is completely starkers so this is not the place to share, shame.

Back at camp

T did what every other child did this summer and made her loom bracelets and P did something unseen for a while and conk out and she did not want to be woken up until much later which meant a long evening for us.
Love her for that.


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