Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door

You drive to to Lulworth Cove, there is a big field car park, pay in cash and start climbing.

Its a fair old trek and you'll hear lots of ladies my size half way up assuring their families that they are fine and they will just head back down and read a magazine in the car.
No you go a head I'll be fine.

Can you see that floatation with loads of people on it, actually it can only be described as twelve beautiful squealing teenage Brazilian bikinis that could be heard from way up top. 
It was really loud and buzzing, not at all what you expect.  

You can park at Durdle Door and there is a very nice Dorset tea and ice cream van but there is no loo and you will still have to navigate the off road course down to the beach.

Snack and a swim. We've swum before on the same stretch of coast line. I think the drop away at the waters edge is called the shelf and the pull in the tide is strong, so whilst the water is crystal clear I wouldn't let the girls in unless G was at arms length.
It was lovely to swim here and you can watch the tombstoners.

We walked back to Lulworth you can see the edge of it in the distance. We all ate a great lunch.

Then down to the beach for another swim.

P and T made a shell shop and G and I took it in turns for naps.

Then back to the campsite to wash off the salt and eat spaghetti.
A great Sunday


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  1. Do you remember we (sans you!) all went after Northbrook Foundation. We climbed those cliffs at 3am, some of us not entirely on the same planet if you catch my drift (not me I might add!)