Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Camping on the Isle of Purbeck

I never posted this, so this time next year, unless I record it, it will be like it never happened!

First week of the summer hols we packed the car and headed to Dorset.
We didn't risk it, we booked a campsite and as we were staying for a week it had showers and  flushing loos. We didn't opt in for the electrical hook up.
We did however buy a refrigeration cool box with a car charger that was a useful as a chocolate teapot.

The campsite was virtually empty as our holidays started a week before everyone else and it backs onto the steam railway.

The first night we headed into Swanage for a bit of dinner. Saturday night it busy so we parked at the top of the town and walked down to the waters edge and it was all right pretty.

G ordered an a amazing feast as per usual, I ordered what I thought the kids would eat if they didn't eat what I ordered them or if what I ordered them wasn't enough.

It turns out what they eat is bags of Candy Floss.

When we got back to the campsite and everyone washed the long journey and the sugar off them they put on a show for two.

Late nights meant slightly more lazy mornings,

but not for everyone.

It had been warm but that first morning it really went nova.

Happy Happy Memories.


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