Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Brownsea Island and Knoll Beach

You take the Sandbanks ferry from the Studland leaving your car at the Shell Bay car park, which you don't pay for if you are members of the National Trust
The ferry takes less than 10 minutes and costs a couple of pounds if you travel by foot.

Immediately on the Sandbanks sides is the Ferry to Brownsea Island this costs more than a couple of pounds.
The ferry broke down but they had a spare, but they didn't have a spare crew so with the heat the elderly ladies were reaching for their angina sprays while we were all waiting.

Brownsea Island is run by the National Trust so is free with membership except for the bit that is rumored to be owned by Waitrose, there is no store there so we took a picnic.

This tree is c. 1687 but came down in Jan 2014 and there are plenty of trees to play on.

I love that P is trying to tell T something important and she is doing her best to listen.

We walk all the way to the other side of the island to the Baden-Powell Outdoor Center and Trading Post. At the campsite G wanders off to get some feathers for the girls and they were beyond in love with him for it.

We made our way down onto the beach when G realised he had lost his Ray Bans.
Very upsetting as this was the first bit of genuine man gear he had purchased post university and had looked after them very carefully all this time. He headed back to Scout Headquarters for a look.
I walked further down the beach where the girls got stuck into making clay pots.
If I wasn't carrying so much crap I would have made on myself but G came back empty handed.

We left Brownsea late afternoon and caught a couple of hours at Knoll Beach
Again free parking if you are NT members, really expensive if you are not.
At this point in the summer there beach had a deep skirt of seaweed, which annoyed me but didn't seem to bother the girls.

G was in a slump. I cheered him up by suggesting that maybe a nerdy young scout might come across his sunglasses and have the coolest camp ever and might even get to snog a girl guide because of it, a kind of legacy from one scout to another.
I think that might have done the trick.

T never went anywhere without her snorkel mask and P never really went anywhere without a gun.

Back to camp and an early night for all. Finally.

We we came home and looked through the photos, the last place G had the sunglasses was at the feathers. Thieving cocks.


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