Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Island Hopping

Friday saw the beginning of half term and a stop over to the Isle of Wight to wish G's Aunt R a happy retirement at the 'do' her sons had arranged at the school where she works.

We got there at 8 and left at midnight.

Cinderella could have kept going until dawn.

Whilst delicate T, our resident creature of habit flopped about and gave me that sullen look that means I'm not coping.
A makeshift bed was erected from canteen chairs and by 9pm, within the long sports hall curtains Sleeping Beauty was out like a light. No photos sadly.

We made it back to Grandpa's and I wondered why I wasn't sleeping.  I wake up naturally somewhere between 6 and 7, I don't have curtains but they were drawn in the room so the darkness completely threw me. I thought it was 3am and I was waiting for the heart attack.
But no, Grandpa another creature of habit puts the kettle on at 7am and these starlings outside the window started making noise like hatchlings in a factory.
Time to get up.

Someone is desperate for a shed/workshop/timberyard can you tell.

Last time we were on the island I joined English Heritage we had been to Osbourne House and I figured that we would take G on our next visit, this was it and that is where we headed, along with fifteen members of the family who arrived in their own time ..... we didn't meet up with everyone.

It did not matter, I had a lovely time, the girls met their second cousins and we ambled along at a very leisurely speed. Except for the bit where we really picked up the pace, when I realised we might miss the earlier ferry home, we dumped the remaining cousin, fiance and Aunt with love in the gold drawing room and legged it through the house and back to the carpark.

Despite my haste the private rooms of Albert and Victoria still take my breath away.
You can still feel the love.

It's Autumn down at the Swiss Cottage. We had a catch up picnic in the play park for at least an hour.

G and I are going to arguing over tiles for our bathroom very soon I can feel it.

Out by the best Christmas Tree ever.
See this collage, she collected the shells and put this together all by herself what a clever little Queenie.
Bloody hell.

The guide was good and turned away. We headed down to the beach

Someone had to decided how not to be naked in front of everyone because she had to go in despite the crappy rain.

It really did rain so we took shelter in the beach cafe, more coffee and ice creams. If you didn't know, there are lovely changing rooms at the cafe so you can swim and dress in comfort and use a lovely loo.

These pine trees have really huge cones, there are none on the lawn, I think they clear them.
I love a pine cone .

When we were on the boat, P wanted us to sit in the sun

and burn out our retina.


Happy Days

Winter is coming and hopefully so is our heating.
Roll on Friday because I've got washing as high as a mountain.


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