Thursday, 16 October 2014

Get Fit & Loose Some lbs...Lots of Them.

Since breaking my ankle
I am really really unfit and I don't want it to always be like this because it sucks.

A brief and recent very honest history.....

I weighed myself last year, huge amount 16st6.
I don't' think that I have followed that many faddy diets but since I've been fat, I have. Mostly I try to eat healthily and mix it in with a fad, I can't think of an example right now but none have been successful.
I saw Queen Latifah interview a very svelte Boy George, I think it was a cooking segment and he demonstrated how to make a pesto and talked about his weight loss and mentioned his nutritionist, I looked her up to see what her thing was and from what I can gather it is quite clear that I eat too much, healthy or not and that is why I weigh as I do, did.

So the bones of it are, eat and leave enough time for the food you ate to do it's job, feed you, give you nutrients, digest and make you hungry again. Basically the way G eats, three meals a day and the man has stayed under 11 stone at 6ft2 his whole adult life.

I'll do that then. I think that was the latter end of last summer and by the time I got on the plane to Madrid last October I had dropped to 15st3. Bonza

I was desperate to drop into the 14's to make the real difference but this wasn't bad.

Put on a couple of pounds whilst away and another couple of pounds over Christmas but by New Year I felt well and truly STUFFED and uncomfortable so, like I'd hit 20stone which I hadn't at all.

So with all the hype around 5:2, I bought the book and thought I'd try, a trip to the GP for something and she said, 5:2, great idea. Sure enough the Madrid/Christmas pork quickly shifted and I was back at 15st3 and felt a lot better and it is as easy as they say.

Three months passed on 5:2 and not another lb off. During this time I decided that I needed to move the body to help the process, so I set the alarm for really F******* early and headed down to the pool before the kids woke up and on the way to the super market I would stop off at a park and stagger round it. I swim better than I run.
Couldn't hurt.

I will admit that this activity was irregular I got disheartened and I was beginning to cheat at 5:2, I wasn't asking for miracles just a brief glimmer of hope by dropping down to the next stone but nothing came and it was making me sad.

G felt for me. I asked if we could hire some 'equipment'. We had done this before, a sleek looking water rowing machine, we had managed 4 days before having a blazing argument over technique and neither of us went near it again. Fond memories.
He looked into it. Buying was cheaper than hiring. Could we get second hand?
Yes, but the good machines weren't readily available on the second hand market and those that were, were hundreds of miles away.

He bought me a Nordic Track new, on sale, and said that if it worked it would be worth it and we could sell it and it would still be cheaper than going to the gym, which I don't have time to do.

It arrived. It isn't a crappy one.

I had a turn, within two minutes, in my head, I was wishing for more money, land and lap pool.
Outdoor preferably, burn more calories, think like an anorexic.
I sweated buckets.

Within weeks I was making my way through the weight loss settings strangely I didn't feel I needed to eat more which was something that I worried about. That initial difficult level is now like a stroll in the park.

You plug the thing in and off you go. It even gives you a reading.
Oh, all these pics are the wrong way round. Annoying.

Madonna looks great working out, she's been at it a lot longer than me, the reality at the Homestead is more like this.

and this is really what no make up looks like.
Note: fix teeth.

So after half an hour I go and do stretches, planks and side bends and things where you lie on you back with your legs in the air and dip your ankles to the ground. I even do a Tracy Anderson Sexy arms work out which is a killer.
Top that, I am still faddy and am almost a vegan if you don't count all the fish and cheese that I eat.

Ultimately everything on me is me, I have no water retention, there is no bloat and most of all I feel so much fitter.
I've gained 9lbs. I am afraid it is all about the numbers.



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